Freeman RV Park

MISSION: Helping make Freeman a good place to live.

A) To benefit the Freeman community through special events.
B) To support the Cass-Midway School and the local youth.
C) To provide a helping hand to those in need.
D) To have a building accessible to the community in times of emergency.


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Join Us

We could use your help. The membership of the Freeman Community Club is aging and we need new members to keep the old traditions alive and maybe start some new ones. Without new members, events like the Freeman Homecoming could be a thing of the past.
Membership costs $10 per family per year. Meetings are the second Thursday of every month. Nobody is expected to make every meeting. Please consider joining even if you can attend only a couple meetings each year. Let's make Freeman better!
Even if you do not wish to join, but would like to help work some of the special events, we could use your support.

Use this downloadable form to join or to volunteer


Freeman Home Coming